Ansari X Prize For All

Stardate – 63767.8

When NASA touched down on the moon; wow what a moment; Star Trek for real. But as the math sunk-in both for NASA and the Federal Government, the future didn’t look so bright. It seemed that whatever NASA did, it felt like a glorified science project …….. at least compared to a moon landing. As the years dragged on and the budgets grew tighter, the public grew more restless. But how for Goodness sakes was anyone going to make it to space without NASA? Then came The X Prize Foundation, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Anousheh Ansari and Amir Ansari with their Ansari X Prize of $10,000,000.

Eventually the Ansari X Prize was won by Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites which was founded in 1982. This changed everything. It was now possible for the private enterprise sector to fly to space and back. How cool is that!? Now Burt Rutan and Sir Richard Branson are banking on space tourists to open the heavens to private enterprise.

Now there are literally hundreds of companies that are banking themselves on space as the final frontier of opportunity. Some are NASA contractors that are now looking to private enterprise to provide the necessary cash flow for an enlightened future. Some are upstarts. Eventually you will have all sorts of prospectors looking to mine the cosmos for all sorts of financial gains.

As far as excitement goes, there’s not a whole lot of sparks at the present. But the future in space looks great for private enterprise. I, for one am looking forward to it with the greatest of expectations! Now the only thing that I, and every other private sector space contractor could use is an Ansari X Prize for themselves! We should all be so lucky. ;)

3 comments to Ansari X Prize For All

  • Matt

    “at least next to a moon landing”?
    “Than came”?
    “on space tourist’s to open”?
    “the greatest of exceptions!”?

    This website is so shoddily written- no bright sparks indeed.

  • admin

    Hi Matt,
    Sorry for the poor copy, you’re exactly right! And I will have to apologize. It’s readers like you that keep me on my toes. I’ll have to double up on the effort.
    No X Prize for this post!

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